The Essence of Experience at Shiseido Ginza Tokyo Store

Photo Copyright: AKM Nazrul (Author)

In Tokyo, the Ginza Chuo-Dori (name of the street) is lined with several department stores like Mitsukoshi and Matsuzakaya, popular apparel shops like Abercrombie & Fitch, and other luxury brand stores. The Shisheido Ginza Tokyo is located at the heart of the Ginza shopping area. The magnificent structure reflecting the Japanese top-notch technologies and global strength of the luxury brand Shiseido. The store is divided into three floors, giving it some 825 m2 of sales floor space.

When you are going to enter the store, at least one salesgirl is going to welcome you at a smiley face with the most popular Japanese word Irasshaimase (welcome)! There are two entrances to the store on the first floor. At each entrance, the salesgirl usually holds the latest products brochure in their left hand and sample products in their right hand. When any visitor approaches the store, the salesgirl welcomes by Japanese-style bow and guides the visitor into the store.

After entering the 1st floor, well-dressed salesgirls approached me and ask me how can they help me? The store is designed to let you “get to know” cosmetics. All the glass gives the floor a sense of openness, and like a march (market) you can freely touch and hold the cosmetics. A key feature is that the cosmetics are arranged by concept and color rather than the item. This makes it easy to find the cosmetics you’re looking for and gives you a chance to “get to know” other product items you’ve never tried!

1st Floor is the home of makeup and cosmetics with the latest technology-supported facilities. The digital devices provide suggestions of products for each and every customer from regular products to the latest collection.

A fun feature to add to your shopping experience on the 1st floor is an innovative bracelet. There’s no need to carry around your chosen products as you browse. As you select a product while shopping, the innovative smart bracelet you’ll be given on entering the store will capture the product information and save it for you. On checkout, just swipe your bracelet to get your hands on all those dreamy products Clever, slick and thoughtful – very omotenashi. You can check the products by touch screen digital device. You can discover your skin color and tone by specialized camera attached device which was termed as the cosmetic bar. The interiors design was neat and clean. And of course, the store has English speaking salesgirl for international visitors. The experience I got on the first floor is the Japanese philosophy of omotenashi is all about hospitality. 

The 2nd floor is all about experiencing the Shisheido Products

Photo Copyright: AKM Nazrul (Author)

On the 2nd floor, there are huge collections of Shisheido products from regular to brand new items. You can try any of them on your skin and the beauty consultants will advise you either the product is suitable for you or not. There are special corners for premium products. You can have a seat and relax. There is no rush for the selection of your items and the salesgirls will guide you to the details of the items. There is a special device to print your short message on the beauty products. If you want to present any of the items of the Shisheido products, you can select the design of your short message. There is a wide range of designs of wrapping papers, colors of the wrapping papers. Even, you can choose the bag for your products.

Shopping Experience:

I bought one lipstick to get the shopping experience. The salesgirl came out of the sales counter with a tablet and was shown the list of the available lipsticks at the store. The wide variation of colors and types of lipsticks (gel type, mat type, and glossy type) may confuse you to select the right products. Therefore, the salesgirl explained to me the functions of each type of lipstick. The salesgirl advised me the best products to buy based on my requirement. Finally, I selected the item and paid the money for the item. I had printed a short message on the lipstick. I also requested customized wrapping paper for the lipstick. There were happy to fulfill my request. At the end of the shopping, the Shisheido Ginza Tokyo presented a 5 oz hand cream as a gift and invited me to visit once again and made my shopping experience memorable.

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